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Coffee poems

Coffee poems

Plamen Doynov


Ethiopia Sidamo

Pleasantly strong, with marvelous aroma
Following the heady sip, with quiet might
grows my doubt:
Is the night a mother of the coffee,
Or the blackness of the coffee bears a night?


Hot Italian coffee with lots of hot milk
steam turns into a breath of intense love emotion.
In the tempting theurgy, forever yearned,
You vaguely sense the Heaven,
feeling somebody in the darkness as silk
among chocolate sticks on whipped cream turned,
like sensitive antennas, that catch your caution .


Mexican coffee

Coffee, in a sea of liquid chocolate concealed,
Arab nutmeg, cinnamon with a natural scent,
the whipped cream raises in the shape of a castle sealed
suddenly winds up  in a lost Indian city – I invent
but now cannot leave, because it is divine.


Irish coffee

Whiskey ‘Paddy’ from Ireland, coffee, cream – whipped
To fainting with pleasure , with a peaceful emerald color,
with brown sugar crystals – butterflies pollen dripped…
Above them – the aroma floats as an avid mugger…


Petya Bankov

Stana Apostol