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Kids and fishing


 Milcho Kassarov

I bought myself a new fishing boat – it’s plastic and very lightweight. My seven-year-old son wants to come fishing with me in it. He has been fishing with me a few times in the old rubber boat but couldn’t stay long in it. The new boat is something else – it’s more spacious and very practical. The gobies we catch we keep in a plastic bucket, half full with sea water. This keeps them alive and fresh, while at the same time the boat stays cleaner. Absolute comfort!
I had already caught a few gobies and thrown them in the plastic bucket when I had to get off my hook a really small one – it’s a wonder how it even managed to bite the hook! My son wants to see it, so I show it to him and throw it back in the water, shouting “Go get your mom and dad” after it. After a while there is a bigger goby on my hook and I throw it in the bucket. My son stares at it and asks: “Is this his mommy?” I say “I don’t know, might be” and my son replies “It must be. See how much they look alike. The small one also had this brown spot on top” My reply is “Mommy or daddy, they’re all the same in the frying pan”.
My son has dropped his fishing rod on the bottom of the boat and stares into the bucket. Then he quietly speaks: “Dad, imagine that this really is his mother and the small goby goes back home tonight to find that she is gone…”
“Big deal”, I reply
“Isn’t it? How about I come back home and mommy’s gone? I’ll definitely not like it.” He says, his voice quivering.
“All right” I say generously and I take the fish in question from the bucket and throw it back in the water. My son is happy. He pretends to continue fishing, but I can see he’s distracted, because he frequently glances at the bucket with the fish.
“Dad,” he says after a while “the big one in the bucket also reminds me of him. Could it be his daddy?”
“You what? Want to throw it back in the water also?”
“Yes” he looks up with hope in his eyes.
I take it out of the bucket and throw it in the water. He’s happy and continues fishing.
“Dad, those two in bucket could be his bigger sister and his auntie”
I take the whole bucket and pour its contents into the sea. He’s finally content.
So, this is how they go together – kids and fishing.


Boris Sabev